W. Craig Gilliam

W. Craig Gilliam


"As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I am committed to helping clients, both in their work places and/or personal lives, to identify, understand, and leverage their strengths to reach their goals for success. I am also committed to helping leaders cultivate and sustain strengths-based organizations."

Gallup has found that people who focus on their strengths are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life and six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs, which increases performance and productivity. 

To learn more about W. Craig Gilliam as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, go to: Gallup Coaching Directory .

Lead with and focus on your strengths for excellence:

“Excellence can be achieved by focusing on strengths and managing weaknesses, not through the elimination of weaknesses.”

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G&A Strengths-based Workshops for:
• individuals
• executives
• managers
• teams
• leaders
• clergy
• church staff
• congregations

G&A Strengths-based Coaching for:
• executive leaders
• managers
• teams
• clergy
• individuals

…to help you to name, claim, and leverage your talents and strengths to increase performance, raise productivity, and improve quality of life. 

Through strengths-based coaching, our goal is to help you with your personal and/or professional development and to help you move toward excellence and success in the areas of your focus.

Research studies demonstrate that 80% of individuals who receive coaching report optimized self-confidence, better relationships, improved work performance and enhanced communication skills. 


Learn your talents and strengths, claim those strengths and leverage them for success, positive outcomes and a better quality of life

Maximize your leadership development through your talents and strengths while managing around your and/or your team’s lesser strengths and weaknesses

Increase employee, staff and client (or congregational membership) engagement with strategic solutions and leveraging points

Deal with difficult personalities in the workplace whether employee, manager, leader, member or client (or family member)

Navigate challenging conversations and situations with individuals, teams, committees and staff generatively and productively

Facilitate conflict creatively, generatively, and responsively to raise the possibilities of productive outcomes that move individuals, teams, staff and overall organizations forward

Individual sessions and packages are available. All client coaching conversations are confidential (as permissible by law).

Coaching Components include: 1) First session (30 minutes) to see if the coach, client and desired outcomes are the right fit before agreeing on the package; 2) Individual Coaching Sessions; 3) Clifton StrengthsFinder; 4) Individual Development Plan

Gilliam & Associates, LLC, invites you to contact us if you are interested in exploring how we might work together to help you with your individual or professional development, improve performance and cultivate a strengths-based culture in your organization or congregation or to help you as an individual reach your potential or goals.


insights for Strengths-Based Organizations:

  • Implementing change is done best or most effectively from a place of strengths and abundance, not weaknesses and scarcity—what is RIGHT about you, the organization, the team, the community, not what is wrong with you, them or it.

  • A strengths-based approach increases the immune system of an organization.

  • StrengthsFinder is a holistic tool that measures talent in how people relate, influence, think, and execute.

  • Organizations/teams that are strengths-based are more productive, collaborative, and have reduced conflict (at least in its negative form).

  • Understanding and valuing our strengths, and then leveraging them at a common purpose/intention, is a high-energy, generative endeavor that yields great benefits and provides a competitive advantage.

Prepared by W. Craig Gilliam, Gilliam & Associates, LLC


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