Self-awareness and leadership: A path to higher performance

An effort to grow in self-awareness is a dive into who we are and how to harness our best selves as leaders and organizations for higher performance and success.

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The Power of Questions for Leaders and for Life

Asking open, honest questions is central to good leadership, consulting, facilitating, and coaching. In fact, questions are core to the human quest.

Good questions can invite insight and wisdom from groups and individuals and change entire cultures and work environments. Asking honest questions at the right time is both an art and a science.  


Creating a Container for Conversation

Developing and sustaining a strong “container” for courageous, generative conversations is the focus of this article.

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Meeting and Mismeeting:

Facilitating transformational communities/

Meeting and mismeeting are not only about how we conduct ourselves, but first and foremost, our way of being, the way of our hearts/souls toward others and Self, the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, others and God, which begin with our own inner work, our spiritual and soul practices.

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A Half-Fast Walk through Martin Buber’s Thinking

This essay is an overview of some of those thoughts that I find rich with meaning and substance to digest as ministers.

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Levels of Conflict Work in Organizations and Congregations

This article offers explanation and description on each of these levels of working from anxiety and conflict to positive, productive forward movement—to allow conflict to help us grow, learn, and deepen.

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Conflict Resolution: Is that what we really want?

The problem with “conflict resolution” is that it creates or reinforces the notion that conflict is bad, sinful and destructive and should not exist.

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Leading Through Anxious Times and Situations: More Than Meets the Eye

While there are no simple check-lists or “how-to” answers for leading through anxious times and situations in congregational life, this essay will strive to offer insights to help clergy preach and lead in anxious times and settings, and do it in a way that lessens stress, increases the possibility of positive movement for the community and heightens awareness.


Conflict can be a good thing!

Transformation through conflict can happen. I have seen communities/ organizations move up on the scale of self-differentiation and become healthier and more impacting on the community within and the world around them. I have experienced those organizations who can navigate those difficult waters; who can engage conflict well and allow it to invite them to a deeper way of being as an organization.

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Reflections on Leadership:

Becoming an influencer and shaper of context

This article is a half-fast summary of our exploration on this journey; the nuggets I picked up along the way and how these inform my work with leadership, congregations and organizations.


 The following articles are from Gallup®

The following articles are from Gallup®


How Employees' Strengths Make Your Company Stronger
 by Susan Sorenson

People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job.

That's just one big finding from decades of Gallup research into human behaviors and strengths. That research has established a compelling connection between strengths and employee engagement in the workplace -- a connection that has the power to accelerate performance when companies work on enhancing both simultaneously.